Friday, August 26, 2005

Getting started

So here I am, blogging.

Didn't think I'd get into the whole blogging thing, but I didn't realize I'd be so yarn crazy either. And part of what fuels my craft craze is the internet and how many free patterns you can find there. I'm mostly into crocheting, so I should have named the site crochet something or other, but I do aspire to knit, I like cross stitch, I'd love to learn to spin, weave, quilt... anything involved with yarn or pretty colored fabrics. I'm sort of a crafty type, I'm not above scrapbooking, beading, card making, gardening, candle making, anything you can do with your hands.

And that's what led me to blog.

The actual catalyst was a need for something to hang my (too) many long dangly earrings on. I've seen an earring hanger or two before, but they're small, they wouldn't hold many earrings when most of your earrings are dangly. So since I've been crocheting (which has been less than a year), I've had the beginnings of an idea for a crocheted thing-a-ma-bob to hang my earrings. And last night, I finally couldn't handle it any more and started work on it. So here I am, blogging because when I figure out exactly what it is I've done, I'm going to write down the pattern and publish it here so that everyone else can share in my idea.

I hope this isn't the only pattern that I create on my own - I'd love to be able to expand my craftiness in this area - usually I'm a pattern follower, not a free hander.

So I'm back to work to finish the hanger and when I'm done, I'll post the pattern and a picture of it!