Sunday, May 31, 2015

100 Days of Making: Day 52

#day52 of #100daysofmaking: I know I overdid the knitting by several hours today but I felt so deprived I couldn't help myself. My hand actually was hurting even and I wouldn't stop, just took a few breaks and went back to it. Not good I know. I decided I should not knit on my work days and knit on my days off, that's 4 knitting days and three break days which is close to what I probably was doing before I started this push to knit every single day. So I wanted to get something accomplished since I won't knit tomorrow. In this pic I've almost finished the ribbing on the left front of my Kingscot Cardigan and I got about 15 rows into the body pattern but I think I need to rip about 4 rows, I may have added too many rest rows because the cable isn't traveling right. Tomorrow is strict rest. Except maybe for ripping those rows so it doesn't keep bothering me in the back of my mind?

Saturday, May 30, 2015

100 Days of Making: Day 51

#day51 of #100daysofmaking: I went to look and see if I could repurchase the pattern to The Phoenix and the Carpet since my printout is long gone and the original clues to this mystery KAL had been emailed to me 4 years ago and I don't even know which past computer that was on. Well the pattern is available on Rav but was $10, a bit pricey for something I had already bought pattern and kit - so I emailed the designer, Janine Le Cras and asked if she might give me a discount on buying it again. She said that was ridiculous and she would gift me the pattern to my Rav library right then. And she did. #knittersareawesome. I put about 8 rows on it today. I will only be able to do this during kids naps, every row is different and there is beading involved. It's not very complicated but it definitely requires focused attention. Even though it's been out for years, it's still working up like a mystery shawl to me, I'm using the written directions because in general I find them easier to keep my place in than charts.

Friday, May 29, 2015

100 Days of Making: Day 50

#day50 if #100daysofmaking: I technically didn't do any making today. I did yesterday but forgot to take a picture so I didn't post. I worked for about an hour and a half on my son's Sweet Georgia Pineapple Express leg warmers and over did it, my third day in a row of knitting. My hand started to hurt and this morning when I woke, it was a little bit weak and sore. So today is a rest day but in a search for some yarn that someone on Rav asked for, I found three missing WIPs! My Kingscot Cardigan by Norah Gaughn ( and my Phoenix and the Carpet by Janine Le Cras(, both circa 2011, plus my Scylla socks by Fiona Bennett ( which I started a few months ago and lost track of. I had thought I lost all of these projects but they were in the bottom of a yarn bin. My two old projects have all the yarn, needles and (beads) together but I have no clue where the patterns are. Not a problem for Kingscot, it's in my Rav library and I simple re downloaded it. The Phoenix Shawl was a mystery KAL from The Unique Sheep and I'm sure the pattern clues were received by email on an old computer that is long gone. I went to just repurchase the pattern and it's quite pricey, $10 - which is a lot for a pattern I paid for once. I emailed the designer and asked if she might give me a discount on repurchasing the pattern, she can see from my page that I bought the kit from the company during the actual KAL, you can't fake the date I originally began the project page. If she doesn't give me a discount, I guess I will just have to buy it but may not for some time as I have plenty to work on right now.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

100 Days of Making: day 49

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

100 Days of Making: Day 48

#day48 of #100daysofmaking: I've been on a break with knitting for 6 days and I couldn't stand it any longer. Plus my hands feel better, not weak during the day and also I finished my book which was my substitute making project. (Mini review of Gone Girl is "eh". Not as shockingly twisty as everyone claimed, I anticipated most of the plot and not one character was truly likable. I kept turning pages but at the end I just felt bleh about it.) I allowed myself to start back today with less than an hour of knitting - I recast on my Dangling Conversation by Mindy Ross which I had previously ripped out because I was doing it all wrong. I think I was reading the chart backwards and doing the increases on the wrong sides. Plus I didn't stop to watch how to do the purl 2 through the back loop, just winged it and I did watch the video this time and whaddyaknow I was doing it wrong. So it should be turning out correct now. It's got a crazy little swirly curl to it now. Cute. Yay knitting!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

100 Days of Making: Day 47

#day47 of #100daysofmaking: I've been taking a break from knitting due to weakness in my hands and it does seem to be getting better, so I think the increase in knitting is what exacerbated the weakness. I am still not sure what caused it - just muscle fatigue or some sort of nerve problem, but I guess I need to just use moderation with my hand crafting. When we got home from the lake today, this was in the mail from the ever sweet @colleenzaharakes! Thanks girl! You know I do (love big balls)!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

100 Days of Making: Day 43 - out of order some more!

100 Days of Making: Day 41 - out of order

#day41 of #100daysofmaking: My Honey Cowl in MadTosh DK in Mansfield Garden while baby boy has a fit in the background. Toddler life.

100 Days of Making: Day 45

#day45 of #100daysofmaking: So I've been having some hand weakness the past week or so and after googling it and deciding that I'm probably dying, a coworker suggested possible overuse of Sent from my iPhone

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

100 Days of Making: Day 44

#day44 of #100daysofmaking: I put a few rows on my Dangling Conversation and what it said to me was "This doesn't look right..." I checked pattern again and I was filling it correctly. What I had NOT done was follow it correctly for the first 70 rows, so it was leaning the wrong way. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiip! #100daysofripping

Sunday, May 17, 2015

100 Days of Making: Day 42

Over a year in the making, I finally finished my son's baby blanket - just in time for him to not be a baby anymore. I started this blanket a week before he was born when I realized I hadn't made him one. It was almost done by his newborn session a couple of weeks later. It was in the photos with unfinished parts tucked under. I sort of stalled out on it after that, since babies aren't supposed to have blankets anyway. I have been putting a stitch or two on it lately and finally, just before his first birthday party, I finished the edging. I decided not to do the shell edging to make it a little more plain and boyish as well as saving me some crochet time. Done in Bernat Baby Coordinates in Soft Turquoise.

Friday, May 15, 2015

100 Days of Making: Day 40

#day40 of #100daysofmaking: Finished the edged receiving blanket for my sister's new baby. I'll post the pattern one day. @ames7475, remind me to put it in the stuff to being to the lake!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

100 Days of Making: Day 39

#day39 of #100daysofmaking: I did some knitting today but I spent most of nap time making this mini banner for my son's birthday cake for his party this weekend. It turned out cute despite my inexpertise at paper craft.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

100 Days of Making: Day 38

#day38 of #100daysofmaking: So in love with my @desertvistadyeworks Little Shop of Zombodies.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

100 Days of Making: Day 37

#day37 of #100daysofmaking: I finished this a while ago and blocked it a day or so ago but I gifted it today - Baby Vertebrae in @vividyarnstudio Candy Hearts colorway. It blocked out nicely with the ribbing evening out and I didn't even have to pin it, just pat it into shape. I still think the numbers for the gingering weight sizes are off kilter, if I hadn't put decreases in the arms, they would have been huge. And my 12 month size turned out more like an 18 month size but I didn't check gauge so that might have been my error.

Monday, May 11, 2015

100 Days of Making: Day 36

#day36 of #100daysofmaking: Made it past the afterthought heel row on my Opal Paradies Vanilla Socks (toe up with an afterthought heel) by Carle Dehning. Such great color in Opal! I used a bit of @kirbywirbyyarns to use as waste yarn since it's so electrically bright.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

100 Days of Making: Day 35

#day35 of #100daysofmaking: Park knitting while Sent from my iPhone

Saturday, May 9, 2015

100 Days of Making: Day 34

#day34 of #100daysofmaking: I worked on my Kakomu sweater by Kirsten Johnstone last night and I was just knitting and knitting, and though I knew I was supposed to be checking the length I felt sure that I wasn't close yet. But when I checked the length at the end of the movie, I had gone past 6 inches when I was supposed to start decreases at 4.75 inches. Oops. So then I ripped back, and of course I ripped back a bit too far and had to reknit two rows.

Friday, May 8, 2015

100 Days of Making: Day 33

#day33 of #100daysofmaking: Put a few rows on my SockHead Hat in @theflyingkettle Merino nylon in Huggin' Molly. Love the yarn. Not sure if I will love the hat. I don't actually wear hats but I really wanted to knit myself one and everyone seems to love this one and it's perfect for showing off a beautiful colorway. If I hate the way it wears, I can find someone to give it away to.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

100 Days of Making: Day 32

#day32 of #100daysofmaking: Today's crafting has been a bit ADD. I did several rows on my Pineapple Express leg warmers (not pictured) at the gym while I waited for my barbell class to start, worked a few rows on my Socks That Rock sock (also not pictured) before I decided that sport weight socks isn't something that I will wear, 86'd that project and put that yarn up for some future shawl or baby sweater, put just a few stitches on my son's crochet baby blanket that I started a few days before he was born but still haven't finished and he's about to be one...., wound my @desertvistadyeworks Little Shop of Zombody and cast on socks, and also made some progress on my nephew's receiving blanket. Lots of not much but it makes me feel like I've accomplished something when I've touched that many things.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

100 Days of Making: Day 30, out of order!

#day30 of #100daysofmaking: Baby gladiator sandals done! Let the baby fights begin, and the best baby win! @ashiruthi Come find me tomorrow!

100 Days of Making: Day 31

#day31 of #100daysofmaking: So I haven't been able to find several skeins of my yarn, mostly all the yarn that I bought at the one Stitches South I made it to, including some Sanguine Gryphon Bugga, 4 skeins of Malabrigo Sock (it was the first year they made sock yarn), and Socks That Rock which I had heard of but never knit with. Well after days of looking, I found all that yarn plus more that I had forgotten about at the bottom of a yarn bin. I found 3 skeins of Malabrigo that I bought on eBay before I even knew what Malabrigo was, Colinette Point Five, some Aslan Trends, Knit Picks Lace and also a Stroll set I had bought with a set of ankle sock patterns and lots more yummy stuff. Anyone see a trend with my yarn colors? #noidontfavorwarmcolorswhydoyouask?

Monday, May 4, 2015

100 Days of Making: Day 29

#day29 of #100daysofmaking: I've been commissioned by a coworker to make some baby sandals, and found several quite expensive patterns. I don't want to pay $5.50 for a sweater pattern, much less tiny shoes. But I found this free pattern and it is great! You make two soles and sew them together to make a nice sturdy shoe bottom since babies really do a lot of hiking on rough terrain and add the straps. I remember why I don't do many projects like this, lots of fiddly bits and sewing in of ends. But I got almost all of both done in an evening - I just need to find and sew buttons on and finish weaving in the ends and then can deliver them.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

100 Days of Making: Day 28

#day28 of #100daysofmaking: Treadmill knitting, edition 2. I was working on my leg warmers for Will in Sweet Georgia Pineapple Express and a lady stopped by and said she was impressed at my multitasking. She asked if I was knitting socks, if I was on Rav, if I was magic looping, what my yarn was, and told me a story about her dog chewing on her Plucky Knitter Yarn. #knittersareawesome

100 Days of Making: Day 27

#day27 of #100daysofmaking: Ribbing and ribbing. So close to being done with this sweater.

Sent from my iPhone

Saturday, May 2, 2015

100 Days of Making: Day 26

#day26 of #100daysofmaking: The right side of the Kokamu sweater is reverse stockinette. I'm still trying to decide if I like it. I'll have many, many, many, many more inches to decide if I like it.

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