Sunday, April 15, 2012

Babies everywhere!

I made these for Amy R at work who had her baby girl in January. She is crazy about owls so I made up a pattern for the edging with little owls and leaves.  I will one day post those on my pattern page, given I cam still find where I wrote it down!
The hat turned out super cute and soft. I made it from Nobo Panda Space which was a wal-mart brand yarn that they carried for about five minutes.
Crochet Warmers set

Friday, April 13, 2012


This is the clapotis that I finally had to make. I used Noro silk garden which was a yarn I bought in Cleveland visiting my bestie, Sam, and I made this scarf for Sam. The color changes turned out awesome in this scarf but dropping the stitches turned out to be a mild pain in the butt since Noro is a single ply rather sticky yarn. It wasn't impossible and I would still probably do it again. But correctly. If you are observant, you will notice where I got cocky and thought I knew how to finish up the decreases. But I forgot the dropped stitches. Sam will probably never notice but I know and now everyone who reads this blog will too, haha.

Knitty Calapotis pattern
Noro Silk Garen Sock at Jimmy Beans Wool

A little catching up to do

I thought I should actually post something on my poor neglected blog. And what's cuter than a picture of a baby! This is one of the candy corn hats that I love to crochet because they work up super fast and are uber adorable. I  made this one for Amy J at work who had her son in October of last year. Such a cutie.

Candy Corn hat pattern