Tuesday, September 29, 2015

100 Days of Making: Day 81

#day 81 of #100daysofmaking: two repeats done out of 11 for my Secret Garden shawl by @nevernotknitting in Western Sky Knits MCN in Wick. Loving it! It's not a quick and easy knit, you have to be paying close attention to the pattern, there are cables and lots of increases that are fiddly with this soft yarn but it is going to be sooooo gorgeous!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

100 Days of Making: Day 80

#day80 of #100daysofmaking: I resisted the last several Little Skein kits despite how cute they were but I couldn't resist this one. Though I've never actually managed to make it all the way through the book, I love the story of The Secret Garden and have liked the movies and musical of it. Plus @nevernotknitting designed the pattern. Which is totally amazing. This is not an inexpensive kit - I don't think I've ever spent so much on one cohesive yarn collective but it has many parts - a hand made bag with fabric designed just for this kit, beautiful merino/cashmere/nylon yarn, stitch markers, the original pattern which will be exclusive to the kit initially, plus an add on skein of sock yarn in a gorgeous colorway. Everything superbly well done. I am glad she doesn't do these kits more often, or my bank account would really suffer. I cast on within minutes of opening the box ☺️

Thursday, September 24, 2015

100 Days of Making: Day 79

#day79 of #100daysofmaking: Finished my second pair of #rosecityrollers in @muststashsheep #thedarksideofthemoon colorway. Love them! I still think I could have made the toe a little bit longer next time though. Now to pick out my next delicious yarn for a third pair!! In the meantime, I'm making good progress on my Hakomu cardigan, I'm halfway done with the fronts/neckline piece and then it's just making the ties and seaming it all together!

100 Days of Making: Day 79

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

100 Days of Making: Day 78

#day78 of#100daysofmaking: Finished sock number one of @muststashsheep #thedarksideofthemoon yarn and cast on for the next. Used 18 grams and have 31 left which could be an almost full sized sock maybe. Or maybe I'll make socks for one of my littles. So many options.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

100 Days of Making: Day 77

#day77 of #100daysofmaking: Making good progress with my #rosecityrollers! This photo is actually from yesterday, I forgot to post it, but I haven't gotten much further, just a few rows at the park today. This @muststashsheep yarn in #thedarksideofthemoon colorway is looking really great. Even my husband is interested when I shove it under his nose for his perusal. Side note: when I show him other yarn, he says "does it have something to do with Pink Floyd?" And if the answer is no, he exclaims "Not Interested!" I have three of the four MustStash Pink Floyd colorways, I guess I need to get Wish You Were Here to complete the collection!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

100 Days of Making: Day 76

#day76 of #100daysofmaking: I finished my #rosecityrollers in @vividyarnstudio Emily and I totally love them. I'll make the toe a little longer next time but they fit ok. I was so excited about my shorty socks that I immediately wound and cast on my next pair in @muststashsheep in the Dark Side of the Moon colorway. Loving the yarn... Indie dyers are the best! #operationsockdrawer

Monday, September 7, 2015


Ms. Vaughn: Black eyed peas are awful, they taste like dirt smells.
If I get a sore, you all are gonna hear from me. I got that damn disease here and I ain't gettin' anything else.