Monday, September 15, 2008

Braxton Hicks?

So my little sister thought she had gone into labor this weekend. Again. Second time she's made a false trip to the hospital. And she's still not dilated. Not one bit. This baby isn't going to come out!

But while she was false laboring, I labored to finish up some half done projects for the baby who apparently doesn't care about coming out to see what I've made her.

Finally sewed together all the pieces of the girl baby viking hat (which you can buy here)that I had finished making while I was on jury duty August 18th and 19th. It turned out super cute and Pikachu was thrilled to model it for me, as you can tell.

Booties to match the yellow dress. Not the same booties that were in the pattern, because they were the exact same pattern as the booties for the pink dress....

These, which turned out super cute even though the pattern is a little funky. The sole is oval ad the top is rectangular. But somehow it all works out?

And a wormy hat, which I made months and months ago when Suzy first found out she was pregnant and promptly lost. I found it in my nightstand drawer. Who looks in their nightstand drawer? Obviously not me.

The worms in the grass hat pattern is free here. The dresses and booties are in Beautiful Baby Boutique from Annies Attic and the Viking hat is on Bella knitting.

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