Thursday, August 28, 2008

How many people can have babies really?

So Stephanie at work is having a baby and this is what I gave her...
Yet another diaper cake in pink and more pink. Used size Newborn, 1 and 2 diapers.

Some super soft booties and hat in Red Heart Hunny.

Yet another bamboo Baby It's Cold Outside jacket. Love 'em and they work up so fast!

An edged flannel blanket that I made up the pattern for which you can find here: The thread is hand dyed from Sara's Colorwave which I bought on E-bay.

And a fuzzy tri-corner hat knit from a Crystal Palace pattern in Baby Bee Soft Illusion.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Baby showers and more baby showers

A cute winter dress for Sam's baby. I knit it so that it would be warmer.

The last stocking for the 4th Taylor. When I bought the stocking kits, I bought 4 even though Sam said Trey would be the one and only Taylor baby. I knew better though!

This dress I made with larger hooks and looser gauge so it wouldn't be so tiny like the other dresses I've made so far. I wanted it to be closer to a 12 month size so it could be worn for at least a year. It turned out 12 month size but I wasn't super happy about the way it looked, mostly because I was so used to how the smaller sizes looked. It still turned out cute though.

Another bamboo jacket which works up so fast and feels soo soft.

The debacle of a blanket which I had to knit since the yarn was way too freakin' fuzzy to crochet with and then it took for freakin' ever to cut the squares, sew them together, edge and put in the argyle stitching. And it still was funky shaped and uneven and the only good thing about it was it was freakin' warm, which is what Sam wanted for her freezing winter home in Cleveland.

I made a diaper cake too, but forgot to take a pic of it! =(

Sunday, August 3, 2008

More diaper madness and other stuff

I made another diaper cake, this one for my sister who is having a girl. I didn't have enough of the large ribbon to go around each layer so I doubled up on smaller ribbon.

So here are a few other things I've been working on....

Yarn bonnet that is ridiculously fluffy for my sister's baby.

Size 3 thread bonnet that is going to be uber-girly.

Edged flannel baby blanket. Edged in size 30 thread, which is not my usual size.

My favorite baby blanket pattern done in Bernat Baby Coordinates Sassy Stripes. For my sister's baby.

A nice warm little dress for my friend Sam who is having a baby girl in November and lives in cold Cleveland.