Saturday, December 19, 2015

100 Days of Making: Day 92

#day92 of #100daysofmaking: So I am one row from the end of my Secret Garden shawl by #alanadakos @nevernotknitting I only have enough yarn to finish half a row (I know, I tried to make it). I freaked out and went to #littleskein site and searched for the Western Sky Knits yarn and she was selling single skeins but there were no green skeins left, only pink. So I messaged Anne @annielightknits and asked if there would be future listings or if I could get a custom order. She messaged back quickly and said she actually had one skein in Wick left that she didn't sell because it was a bit more yellow than the other greens but that I was welcome to that one or that she would help me contact Western Sky Knits for a custom skein. Since I only have one row and the bind off to finish, even if the color is very different, I won't mind it being a little contrasty. So I popped over to her store where she had listed the skein (marked for me!) and purchased it. Can't wait to finish this shawl, I've worked harder on this shawl than I have any projects for myself in years! #knittersarethenicestpeople

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