Thursday, November 20, 2014

Why didn't the text for my sock pictures send!?

Dunno, but here's the deets about the previous posts sock pics.

I finished half of a project and was so excited I decided I should commemorate the occasion with a blog post. I bought this yarn from Wool Sundae on Etsy, I copied Brianne from the Knitworthy video podcast with the exact colorway she was knitting a sock in. It's the Sundae Sock base in Dark Side of the Rainbow. The pattern is Scylla Sock by Fiona Bennett and it only took me 2.5 months for one sock! Considering I have three unfinished socks on the needles currently from mumblemumble years ago, this is lightning speed. I wanted a slip stitch pattern because Brianne's slip stitch sock looked so beautiful but she said the pattern had issues so I looked for another.

I like the pattern, it's not complicated and I love the way the heel looks but boy it sure is hard to take a picture of your own heel. One bit of advice, I normally knit a 56 stitch sock because I have crazy narrow feet. This was a 64 (I think) stitch sock and since I'm not good at altering patterns I just went ahead and followed it - it fits fine because all the slipped stitches cinched the sock in. So if you have a normal width foot, you might want to increase he stitch count by a bit. Maybe not a lot because I do knit tightly and that may account for some of that.

Btw, sorry for not linking anything, I am posting from emails because it's easy and I'm lazy. If I get super excited, I may go back and link junk.

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