Sunday, June 7, 2015

100 Days of Making: Day 55

#day55 of #100daysofmaking: whipped this cutie up last night - I'm the queen of last minute projects. I love this Yarn Bee yarn, its First Love in the Engaging colorway. I used the Basic Baby Beanie pattern by Janaya Chouinard. I made the 6-12 month size hat but added 4 increases in a round as one more row of increases because without that, the hat was the same size as Emma's baby hat that she wore when she was 2 months old and she had a tiny tiny head. So for this hat to fit a 6 month old on a normal size head, I needed it to be bigger. Added ear flaps because it makes the hat so cute. Delivered it to my friend at the hospital today. 😍🍼🎁

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