Wednesday, February 3, 2016

100 Days of Making: Day 101

#day 101 of #100daysofmaking: It's been way more than 100 total days and now more than 100 documented days of making but this format is keeping me current so I'm going to just keep going. So here's a summary of my past week of knitting: That's a broken needle cable top left 😨 and of course it went kablewy in the middle of a row and dropped half a shawl's worth of stitches. It was the 400 shawl (top right) but though scary, the stitches were fairly easily picked back up. The cord just separated from the grommet. I could have been upset but the cable may be as old as 10 years - I've had my knit picks interchangeables for a long time. Easy come, easy go. I have plenty more cables. 
I did finish the 400 this week from my #erinlane Indie Yarn Carnival club. Extended it a little bit with the extra yarn she sent to make up for the yarn being a bit thick/short on yardage. Blocked it on a towel in the floor last night and the kids kept trying to stomp on it. Can't find any pins so I just stretched it out. 
Bottom left is some Plucky Primo that I ripped out because can you see the leaf pattern in there? Neither could I. The Not A Drop pattern was not working with the very round structure of this yarn so instead I cast on To infinity and beyond by #Joji. 
Lastly because I don't have enough projects on the needles, I cast on some more Plucky, in Lodge Fingering that just fell into my house last week. I thought I would make a sweater for my son from the Grumpy Old Sailer color but I thought it was a dark turquoise and it turned out to be a dark gray with blueish tones. And heathery because of the silk content. It's merino cashmere silk and flax which is way too fine for a toddler, right? So a Hitofude for me it is! Btw, that's not how a ball winder is supposed to work. 😖

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