Sunday, February 7, 2016

100 Days of Making: Day 102

#day102 of #100daysofmaking: My Hitofude cardigan is going awesome in @pluckyknitter Lodge fingering. If I could marry a yarn, this might be it. I have been bribing myself to work on other projects by rewarding a little progress on them with a few rows on #Hitofude. And because I'm still suffering from a very serious long lasting case of cast-on-itis, I started crochet edging a flannel receiving blanket and cast on a #tinyrockycoast cardigan for my daughter in @dana_of_unwind Luxe Sock. I bought this yarn with the intention of knitting a Marian Dress for her but lately every time she sees me knitting, she asks if it's a sweater for her. I tried to convince her she wants a dress but no dice. #projectsweaterchest for momma and baby.

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