Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Continuation of a years worth of non blogging...

It gets cumbersome to post so much in one thing, so I thought it would help to break it up...

This was a FAILed attempt to make a cute Lazy Daisy cardigan from my favorite book, Beautiful Baby Boutique, but I was making it in yarn instead of thread so it would fit a toddler and it was just looking horrible. So I instead finished the bottom with the pattern from Bubble Berry and the sleeves from Springtime. My friend's daughter, Edenanne loved it though.

Another Boutique dress, this one I made a bit bigger for my niece to wear for easter.

A cute dress I made for a former co-worker who's baby was born in February? I think? Like I said before, too many babies at once! I have a pic of her wearing the dress later, but I'm too lazy to go find it. The Gabi Dress pattern was pretty easy to make but took a long time because the skirt is worked long ways. I think I had to decrease a bit more too, to get it to really cinch up at the waist.

I made a trip to Cleveland to visit my friend Sam and her new baby, Autumn and got the chance to photograph her in some things I made her, the nightmare blanket and the hat that I made up the pattern to.

Also, here is Autumn in the bamboo jacket I love so much! The pattern works up so fast!

Here is the tea cozy that I made for Sam and then forgot to photograph. Great pattern, a little hard to follow the instructions. Would have liked to use more colors, but Sam wasn't into pink.

Another of my favorite patterns, here is version 1, 2, and 3 of this little kimono cardigan. I recently finished number 4 which I'll post later, when I get to recent stuff. These were all done early this year.

Former co-worker's baby Madeline wearing the fuzzy hat I made her. Didn't like the way the pattern turned out that much, but gave it to her anyway and it looked adorable on her!

And a shot of the gay baby devil hat. It was a supposedly Peruvian pattern which had cute little ears but when I made it, the hat looked more like it had horns and my rainbow yarn made it just look like it was an advertisement for the gay coalition. It looked freakin' adorable on my niece though.

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