Thursday, October 29, 2009

May through July projects

Or, I should say, some of them. I'm only picking the pictures that I can find in the little tiny icons that are in the download window. If I miss a project, oh well. I've done so many this year, I can't imagine anyone really wants to see all of them. Especially since I'm not a great photographer and the pics are less than stellar usually. I need to take some photographing tips from my new favorite podcaster, Nevernotknitting.

A bib. Supposed to look like a vampire, it really looks like random hearts and dots. Oh well. Then I gave it to my sister and I forgot to put anything on it to fasten it, like a button or snaps or velcro... so it's really not anything but a pile of cotton now.

My favorite blanket pattern. I made this blankie for a friend of Claire's who was having a baby shower. Baby was a boy, if you couldn't tell by the color.

A blanket that I made for Agnes, who I used to work with in Bessemer. She called and said she wanted a baby blanket for someone... I can't remember who. I stopped the blanket a few rounds short because I ran out of the yarn -- I got some more but it was a fairly different color, darker, so I just did one round after the last bobbles and it's not really that noticeable. Unless I tell you and then you can notice. And it's been done for months and I haven't called to get together with her and give her the blanket. I'm a bad person.

I made this cute little dress for my older sister who is having a baby. I hadn't made her much of anything because I was waiting to find out what the baby was. When I saw these Belle dress patterns from Crochet Garden, I knew these were for Amy, if she was going to have a girl. So I made one in pink and a brown cabled vest for a boy and brought them both to Atlanta the day she had the ultrasound to sex the baby. I had them both ready and was fully prepared to give her the vest, we were all convinced it would be a boy since my other sister had had a girl. But it was a girl! So I happily gave her the cute girly dress. She was ecstatic about it being a girl, but her husband was sad. He asked me if they could have the vest too just in case it did turn out to be a boy or he could at least put the vest on his little girl and mourn the fact that his firstborn wasn't a boy.

This is a photo of me wearing a shrug that is not mine but looks a lot like mine. I mean, I have one that looks nearly like that but then I made two more for my boss' two girls. I like the pattern but I wish I had made mine like theirs. I widened the rib edge for theirs which made it fold over at the collar better. And I tacked down the collar so it was obvious which way was up. I finished her two shrugs in a couple weeks. The one I made for myself took more than a year. And is only the second thing I have ever made for myself. But I actually wear this shrug, the sweater I made for myself doesn't really fit so is never worn.

I wanted to make something homey for my fellow SLP coworker who had just gotten married but would work up quickly 'cause I was trying to make it while she was on her honeymoon. So I purchased this casserole cozy pattern and churned the thing out in a weekend. I had to change it up since my pot was obviously bigger or I crochet tighter. The flower is supposed to be attached to the pot and open in the middle but it wasn't going to connect up and I liked it better as a top that would come all the way off.

This is the Pembroke vest that I made when I thought that my sister was going to have a boy. I never got a good picture of it after finishing it and my sister hasn't sent me one yet. She has other things on her mind, like growing baby toes and lungs. This is my coworker modeling the thing, obviously not the right way. The pattern was just one that I found online and liked but recently my podcast listening connected me to it. Nevernotknitting has contributed patterns to the Petite Purls online mag and was talking about the Pembroke vest pattern on there. Funny connection.

A couple of blankets I've edged. I have probably done about a dozen of these in the past year. The blue blanket was for Jennifer who does PRN for me and had a boy back in January. The pink I ended up giving my sister Amy at her shower but I made it initially for a former coworker who had a girl. I created the edging for the pink so that it looked like little hearts.

I love these darn blankets. I get them from Hemstitcher and love their selection but hate their webmaster who has the website all jacked up most of the time. I fell in love with some patterns and when I tried to order them, they weren't there. Come to find out several days later of trying to get in contact with someone that they were patterns of cotton on their new cotton website. But the webmaster still hasn't taken them off the flannel site, even after I alerted them that they were falsely on the flannel site. Oh well. I used to love this company because they have a great product for a great price and they were fast fast and great with repsonses. The first two are still true but now when I order, it takes as much as a week or more before they even ship and then the shipping takes another week and is darn expensive for how light the boxes are. They used to cut and ship the next day and it would arrive in 2-3 days. Also now they never respond to emails I send. I can leave up to 3 messages on their phone before they bother to call me back and often I have to get sort of nasty before they will call me. Problem is that they still have the best selection and the best price of any site, and I've looked at a lot of others. I also love how they can make the blankets be only one layer, instead of two, which no one else does. In the south, one layer is more than enough.

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