Wednesday, October 28, 2009

So I'm a slacker.

A major slacker. It's been a year and two days since I posted last. Geez. So what have I been working on since last year? ....

This little dress I made for a co-worker who had just had a baby girl, Madeline. I curse her for using the baby name that I liked, cause now I can't use it. The pattern came from an Annie's Attic booklet Beautiful Baby Boutique. I've made every dress in the book and mangled two of the cardigans.

These were some decorative yarn scarves that I made for a co-worker who wanted some scarves to give to her family and friends for Xmas. I just found some yarns that went together in color and made some dc skinny scarves with chunks of the different yarns. Fun and fast and profitable!

This was a scarf set that I just fell in love with (pattern here)- it was knit and used Red Heart Zoomy but I couldn't find any Zoomy locally. I used Caron Quick, which seemed to be about as thick and it turned out ok. I gave it to a girl at work for her little girl. Just randomly.

This cardigan (pattern here) I made for my friend Sam who had a baby girl in November and I wanted to make her something that wasn't pink, since I had given her several pink things already. It looks cuter than the picture.

Another of the dresses from Beautiful Baby Boutique. This one for my friends Matt and Mary who had a baby girl in January. Yes, I knew way too many people having babies all at once.

This little number turned out super cute, also for Matt and Mary's baby Harper Elizabeth. I used a Baby Bee camo and thought it turned out super chic. I hated seaming it though. The pattern came from a booklet called Sunny Day Dresses for Babies & Toddlers. I haven't made any of the other patterns yet.

Yet another bamboo jacket. I think this was the fourth or fifth one I've made? I can't even remember who it was for. Matt and Mary I think. I just love the pattern and love the Bernat Bamboo yarn even more.

My second attempt at this pattern from Candi Jensen's Candy Blankies book ended up as a gift for my uncle for Xmas. The first one was a pink nightmare that I had to knit because the yarn was way too darn fuzzy. This worked much better crocheted but still difficult to put together. He liked it though.

I made another afghan at Xmas time, this one for Steve's mom who had asked for one this year. It turned out nice and she loves it. It was from a book called Warm and Fuzzy Crochet which was full of crap. There were only a couple of patterns in it that didn't look like a muppet threw up on it. Sorry to the publisher, but seriously. Fun fur yarn wasn't meant for anything but the occasional scarf embellishment.

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