Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Crochet till your hand hurts!

So the saga continues... still no jacket, though I now have about 2/3 of it done. I just need to get the sleeves done, then put them together and add the trimmings.

I _have_ managed to finish some other things though. Drat that multitasking tendency!

I'm working on an afghan for a Christmas present - every year all the adults in my family swap gifts with one other member, chosen by paper slips in a hat - the thought being money saving, though of course we still end up getting gifts for the immediate family, the grandmas, the favorite cousins... oh well, it's a good idea anyway. So though they haven't drawn names yet, I thought I'd make a blanket, liked this design and started on it. If it doesn't work with the relative who's name I get, I can always use this for another gift. So here's one of the squares, of which there will be twelve -they're about 16 inches across.

Another X-mas gift - my lil sister is in love with all things Irish and so I thought I'd give Celtic crochet a try. It's complicated! You make small designs that you weave through other designs, then add on to that... the front looks completely different from the back, check it out:

So I didn't actually work on much today, I scraped popcorn off the hall bathroom ceiling instead!


Donna said...

I just ran across one of your posts on Crochetville. We have a lot in common, I'm also in Birmingham, just bought my first home and I'm addicted to crochet. I also listen to a lot of Trip Hop and Chill Out music. I wonder how many more of us are here?

Alisha said...

Your squares look great. Keep up the great work !!

Debi said...

Your squares are awesome!

Sheila said...

Absolutely beautiful! Its like a Celtic love knot! Just found your blog through CrochetBlogs and love it!