Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Crunch time...

Of course, it's not possible for me to actually get something done ahead of time so I'm now down to 4 days to complete the jacket for Baby Trey. As you can see here:

I have a bit to go before I finish. Not too much really, just a sleeve, then join everything and accent with the fun fur. Oh, and the zipper. I'm gonna need my mother-in-law's help for that. I can sew a straight line on a sewing machine, but zippers are out of my baliwick.

I also have been working on squares for the pastel swap I joined.

My other recent accomplishment was to dictate a pattern. I'm not sure how else to phrase that, because I didn't write it or originate it. I fell in love with this potholder I saw posted on Crochetville forum and since Cuddlefish did not know what the pattern stitches were in English, I set out to figure the pattern out. She gave me permission to post the pattern I came up with since it was not copyrighted in any way.

My version of the potholder

Post Double Crochet Potholder Pattern

So, now I need to finish the dreaded jacket...

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