Friday, September 2, 2005

Progress made?

So my older sister never got her birthday present from me - I ran out of time and money around her birthday - I had just closed on my first house. I'm hoping to see her this weekend and I wracked my brain to find a good gift. I finally went to J. Crew and bought her this cute tie silk purse with a chain link handle... and I whipped up this little wristlet.

The link where I found the pattern is here:Crochet Wristband

So I finished this last night, but didn't make any progress with the other two imminent projects due soon - my lil sis's afghan, whose birthday I'm going home for on Sunday - can I finish it on time?? - and the jacket set for baby Trey, whose birthday is, I think, next weekend.

The yarn craze struck again, I bought this yarn to begin a Celtic style afghan for my third sister for a Christmas present, that is, if I can get it done by then...

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