Friday, September 9, 2005

My bright idea

I thought it would be cheaper to make presents for people for Christmas this year. Hah! With the cool specialty yarns I like, no way. The yarn I bought to make the hat and jacket set for Trey - over $70. I actually am making progress with that - though I did learn his birthday isn't until the 24th, so I slowed down making it to work on other projects... bad me.

Had to get this book when I saw it...

buy me here!

Totally worth the buy - has a TON of great scarves in it. And not just because they're made of great yarn, the patterns are awesome and innovative too. Here's the one I just finished. Of kid mohair. Rowan Kidsilk Haze. Yummy!

Ignore the fact that I look like the village idiot - it's 1 o'clock in the morning and I photograph badly. So I figure that I'll give it to someone for Christmas. Helena or Sam, maybe. I've got about 5 other scarves marked in the book to whip up for presents. Can't wait!

I joined another swap - pastels and white. I can't help myself! And I've got my eye on a secret pals, a purse swap, and a yarn swap. I'd join more if there were more to join!

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somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

I definitely can relate. Since I keep buying the higher-end yarn, I might as well hand over the cash to the recipient and be done with it!