Tuesday, May 26, 2015

100 Days of Making: Day 48

#day48 of #100daysofmaking: I've been on a break with knitting for 6 days and I couldn't stand it any longer. Plus my hands feel better, not weak during the day and also I finished my book which was my substitute making project. (Mini review of Gone Girl is "eh". Not as shockingly twisty as everyone claimed, I anticipated most of the plot and not one character was truly likable. I kept turning pages but at the end I just felt bleh about it.) I allowed myself to start back today with less than an hour of knitting - I recast on my Dangling Conversation by Mindy Ross which I had previously ripped out because I was doing it all wrong. I think I was reading the chart backwards and doing the increases on the wrong sides. Plus I didn't stop to watch how to do the purl 2 through the back loop, just winged it and I did watch the video this time and whaddyaknow I was doing it wrong. So it should be turning out correct now. It's got a crazy little swirly curl to it now. Cute. Yay knitting!

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