Sunday, May 31, 2015

100 Days of Making: Day 52

#day52 of #100daysofmaking: I know I overdid the knitting by several hours today but I felt so deprived I couldn't help myself. My hand actually was hurting even and I wouldn't stop, just took a few breaks and went back to it. Not good I know. I decided I should not knit on my work days and knit on my days off, that's 4 knitting days and three break days which is close to what I probably was doing before I started this push to knit every single day. So I wanted to get something accomplished since I won't knit tomorrow. In this pic I've almost finished the ribbing on the left front of my Kingscot Cardigan and I got about 15 rows into the body pattern but I think I need to rip about 4 rows, I may have added too many rest rows because the cable isn't traveling right. Tomorrow is strict rest. Except maybe for ripping those rows so it doesn't keep bothering me in the back of my mind?

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