Thursday, April 16, 2015

100 Days of Making: Day 11

#day11 of #100daysofmaking: Today's project isn't knitting, it's crochet! My first fiber love. I've been making these edged flannel receiving blankets since about 2001 for the millions of babies around me. I don't know how many of them get used, but they are just so pretty as a gift and I love giving hand made gifts. Back in the day, I could edge a blanket in two evenings but with children, it takes several days to complete one. I order these pre hemstitched flannel blankets on - they have hundreds of adorable prints and the prices are the best of the hemstitched sites I have seen. It's nice to have the holes prepunched for you - you can punch them yourself with the crochet hook but I found I was punching unevenly and it drove me nuts. Go look at this site! They have baby, junior and lap sized blankets in one or double thickness (I always get single thickness for the South where it's never super cold, plus single thickness is better for swaddling). They also have bibs, burps and hankies too.

Despite the fact that I am working on the Baby Vertebrae in Vivid Yarn Studios yarn for Amy's baby to be, I am going to two showers for her and will visit her in the hospital and want a handmade gift for each occasion so I decided to do this blanket for her first shower, the sweater for her second and a hat for the hospital. I am pretty sure I have a problem - with both casting on too many projects as well as an overgifter disease.

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